Posté le 01/02/2018 à 16:27

The EU-funded R&D project “Real-time Monitoring and Optimization of Resource Efficiency in Integrated Processing Plants” (MORE) aimed at monitoring and improving resource efficiency during the daily operations of large integrated chemical production plants by

  • Measurement and visualisation of resource efficiency
  • Improved analytics for process streams
  • Decision support systems that are integrated in existing management and control environments

MORE defined principles for the definition of real-time Resource Efficiency Indicators (REIs) and proposed a number of indicators for integrated chemical plants that can be efficiently used to steer daily operations. The defined indicators are computed based on real-time data, available from monitoring and control systems, including innovative analytical measurements. As the MORE project focused on large integrated chemical and petrochemical plants with many interconnected units, the real-time REIs and decision support tools were developed specifically for this domain. In addition to addressing the chemical industry, the ambition of the MORE project was to transfer real-time resource efficiency indicators to different sectors of the process industry.

For more information, please visit the project website.